19 February 2006

LAsT tImE FiRe...tHiS TiMe iCe aNd rAiN !!!

Well, for those I told Portugal is hotter...check this out !!!

We went to another district of Portugal to help setting up another prayer room and share the vision of the National Prayer Campaign in April...It was an amazing time we had together with a group of young people from Braga (north Portugal)...they are from different churches and are already used to gather and pray together...Their heart are for unity among all different christians in that district and beyond...Joana was telling me how she's been growing so much just by opening her heart to accept different expressions of christianity and different opinions in some "non essencials"...It's a real encouragment to see young people thinking that way...They are giving a great example to many "grown ups"...That's the way !!!

I went on Friday with Joao, from the Matrix, and Edna, my sister, who offered to go and help... Juran also went with his van to meet us on saturday...

It was really nice to meet this group in Braga and also Sara and Daniel who open their house for us to sleep on friday...What a sweet couple...what an open heart...I was glad to know I will meet Sara soon in London...it was really funny, because I relly wantted to involve someone from GBU (University Bible Group) with "SPEAK" (the network of campaigners/intercessors) with whom I'm gonna be with in London next week...so, Sara is one of the leaders of GBU in Portugal and she was already going to London anyway, exactly the same days of the "Soundcheck" conference... and she thought she would go just to be with a friend and help her to bring some things back to Portugal...Ah, there are no coincidences !!!!
So, this group of young people got the vision and I believe they will spread it well...Claudio, a young guy who just came from Cape Verde (Africa) to study in Braga, got really impressed with the vision of the prayer rooms, and he was helping us during the setting up, so he knows what to do now...well, there's really not much to do...that's what I most enjoy in the prayer rooms...it's all about God !!!


Marty said...

Hi Barbara,
Thanks for keeping us updated with your travels and experiences. It's very important to me to know what you're experiencing and how God is speaking to you. We missed you yesterday at our LM core gathering. We prayed for you. Hope to see you soon,

Anonymous said...

Oi! Sabes, estoy reflexionando si viajaré en Portugal en Junio (después del Willo) para festajar mi examén. Quiero explorar el mundo con una amiga y quería preguntarte si tienes lugar para dormir por 5 noches. Somos muy amables y sencillas ;-) Te mando la paz de Dios!

Maresa said...

Ahhhh, porque es anónimo??? Bueno, soy Maresa. Ahora sabes quién quiere dormir en tu casa ;-)