04 November 2006

wE'lL hAvE iNtErNet SoOn... :-)

Yeh, finally, after almost 2 weeks the guy from the Phone Company called me saying he could go to our land to install the phone and internet :-) ... Things take time in the countryside here in Portugal...
But Thank God !!!
I hope the communication will get better now... specially because we've been having quite a lot of rainny days and that means that we can't do most of the things we need to do outside... so we might have more time to read and write e.mails... we don't have and don't like TV anyway :-)

O.K., I'm having a little time here at a cafe with wireless connection, so I'll post some late pictures from the land...
Thanks for all encouragement I've been getting through comments and e.mails... and I know there are a lot of you who read this blog without leaving any comment... I'm thankfull for you too :-) ...
I want to make you part of what I do, and I'm glad you want to be part of it :-)

Love you all !!!
Here are the pictures :

Dominike and Peter setting up the net to pick the olives...

Julian picking olives...he left us today :-( ... he helped us all a lot...picking wood, olives, etc... And besides working, he's a great friend...Thanks Julian !!! he's going now to Lisbon for a portuguese course ...

Timmy, just finishing the shelf in our pantry...great job Tim !!!

After many days of rain, the sun came back again... and much Joy came back as well :-)

Peter is our juice expert :-) he made 7 liters of natural orange juice this day...

and we have plenty of oranges in the land :-)

We don't have men's works and women's works around here... We all try all things... Look how excited Simone and Monike are cuting wood :-)

But we do have specific things we are in charged of...like Simone and the horses... She's good on that...and she loves it !!!
This is Joker, the stallion :-)

My birthday :-) They decorated the room with lolly-pops... I loved it !!!

I cooked some nice cod fish that my family gave me... fried some "french fries"... grilled some green peppers... and I bought some nice "Alentejo" red wine...

Frauke and Monike made the dessert... Roasted apples with jam and cream...Yammy !!!

I had a wonderful day !!!

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Tom said...

It's great hearing how things are going, thanks for posting!
Love Tom