27 April 2007

mUcH 2 sAy...nOt mUcH TimE...

here I am in the usual place where I work on my e.mails, blogging, etc...
It's now 4.45pm, and I arrived around 10.30am... I just finished reading and replying my latest e.mails... I had too many as the last times I came to town the internet was too slow and I didn't have enough time...
So, to make it easier for me, I will just put some pictures and write some comments :-)

Bruno and Maio, his horse... we love having them around...Bruno had his sheep on our land to eat our grass, but now they are having babies, so it's better to be in a safer place :-/ We miss them ... but Maio is still there :-)
What better place they could have found to take a nice nap :-)

Lassy and Snoopy also went with the sheep... Snoopy just went today coz Bruno couldn't hold it...

But look Snoopy here...yes, that's true !!! we could not only hold it but let him sleep in our lap like a baby :-)

we also got some visitors... Angela, a girl from Germany who was on her way to the Iberian Rainbow gathering...
here is she, saving this Cork Oak who had to leave this place, because it was on the way of another fruit tree...so, she took it out from the deep root, and planted it near the house... she wanted to plant this tree for God, as she experienced Him so strongly in this place as never before :-)

But she also planted 2 more kiwi trees...one for her, the other for a friend... one male and female, it works like that with kiwi trees to bear fruit :-) cool ah !!!

Miri and Benjamin... Miri fell in love ...she's missing benji so much already :-) ... I told her she needs to watch out ... she's becoming a hippie :-) ...this is a joke between hippies and punk-rockers , eh, eh :-)

she was the one taking care of him, coz he was born before time and it was the first time for his mom to have babies... so Miri had to help him getting the milk from her mom who was often running away...and now benji goes after her like a dog :-)

Me and Angela went to help sometimes as well ...

And here is the second baby after being born :-) so cool !!! Also Benji we didn't know he was about to be born...suddenly he was there :-)

This is Rita... our snake ... she was just on the way this day and we could come close and touch her :-) ... she's not poisonous, don't worry... the grand daugthers of the Mayor told me once that there were 2 snakes before when they use to go there, Rita and Joana, so I guess we met one of them :-)

Our beach in front of the house :-) Miri was just laughing at me coz she said I looked like a german tourist with that hat and seating on that chair...but I think I was missing the sandals and socks to be complete :-)

Finally we planted our potatoes and onions next to the big pond... it is still hard to water it by bucket...but I guess our friends from "Riverside" in Lisbon will donate a pump for us :-) as they wanted to donate trees as well...that would be great !!! I explain how we are taking more then 2 hours now to water everything with a bucket, so they are interested in helping us with the pump first :-) !!!

And finally , our little protest in Fundao... some young party of Fascists were putting terrible posters everywhere against "freaks" like us, against imigrants, black people, etc... Pffff, really silly !!! So Miri made a poster to respond to it :-)
It says something like "when we fear what we don't know that's how we become", and then you have a bunch of people without face , looking the same... what kind of people still think like that ?!!! Oh well !!! I'm glad in God's Kingdom there's space for all kinds of diversity :-) I love that !!! RESPECT ONE ANOTHER !!!


Jesse Borden said...

i am so excited to see you...so excited to be on the land. i want to plant a tree or two. :-)

luz said...

Oh Baba!

A terra parece linda e as ovelhas são tão queridas! Tenho de vos ir visitar outra vez. Voces vem para o lançamento do album de Triplet? Gostava mto k viessem, podem ficar na minha casa =)