11 July 2007

Mischu had kitties !!!

They were born on the 7.7.7 :-) Look at them !!! sooo beautiful...one totally white, one totally black and one with kinda green stripes...
I am so proud of Mischu :-) ... she came to show me where she had the kitties !!! I was so excited !!!

and she chose such a cool place to have her kitties...

a nice, cozy, higly protected cave... she even covered it with straw...Miri said it's my style :-) I loved it !!!

I gave a name to the white one, Pula , that's what angolans call white people :-)
the others I will ask a special friend to name them :-) my little sister Heather (Lisa 's daughter) who is now is Tanzania !!!
So Lisa, I'd like you to ask Heather to name the black one, and I'd like you to tell me what's the Massai word for "Tiger", if that would be a nice name for the stripped one... :-)


lisa said...

Ok, Baba, I will tell Heather you have a job for her. So it is the black one you want her to name? She will enjoy that "work".

As for the Maasai word for tiger, "Sambu" is the name they give to anything with stripes. I think for Portuguese it would be spelled Sambo but you would say your "o" like we say the long "u" sound and the real spelling is Sambu. They would not really have a word for tiger since there are no tigers here, but Sambu is the name of choice for anything striped!

By the way, para bem on the birth of the kitties! So sweet that Mama Cat showed you where they were :-)

lisa said...

OK, Heather likes the name "Duma" which means Cheetah in Swahili :-)