21 January 2008

mOrNiNg MeDiTaTiOn...

After the day of the village party for Saint Sebastion,
I was running through my thoughts and feelings of what I saw, wondering what all that meant...
So I started to write it down...
(sorry for my poor english and possible mistakes by the way)

Many people just go to God
to see miracles and receive blessings...
few are really interested
in following His teachings...
When some religious people
came once to Jesus and asked Him for a miracle (Mat.16:1-4)
trying to test Him,
he said the only miracle they would be given
would be Jonah's ...
Jonah had spent 3 days inside the big fish stomach,
and he came out alive
to fulfill what he was called to do in the first place...
The same way,
Jesus died on the cross,
He faced for the first time the separation from His Father in Heaven
and went to hell
to take back from satan
the right he had to destroy human lives...
(actually men gave him that right before,
and therefore it needed a man to take it back)
Jesus defeated sin, the devil and death,
once and for all,
victory over evil was wan...
What greater miracle
do we want more?!!
All other miracles are just a result
and reflection of this one...
But still,
many people seem to ignore,
to take it for granted
or forget about it,
they prefer little miracles
to satisfy their moment needs,
like multiplying bread and fish,
healing their sickness,
casting out of demons,
or even resurrection of the dead...
Aren't all these just shadows
of what is awaiting us in heaven?!!
Aren't these just the natural reflections
of what Jesus accomplished on the cross for us?!!
On the time those religious people
confronted Jesus,
they had no idea
of what was about to take place on the cross...
But today, more than 2000 Years after
the greatest of miracles men could have witnessed,
we're still going after God
looking after miracles and blessings for our own disposal,
we're still with our eyes focused
in our earthly comfort and needs,
we're still running to "holy places",
"holy objects" or "holy people",
in order to receive a blessing from God...
We're still blind to understand
that the miracle of the cross
was to give us the way
to become a "holy people",
a "holy object",
a "holy place" where the glorious presence of God
wants to dwell...
How much longer
will we walk blind?!!
How much longer
will we prevent ourselves
from the heavenly things
to be satisfied with all the earthly things
that will soon pass away?!!!
How long will we keep the vain traditions
in order to keep people's faith,
and stop seeking God for new revelations?!!!
God still performs miracles today,
yes, no doubt about it...
But the intention is not for us to go after the miracles,
nor to worship the ones used by God
to perform them...
the intention of God
is that we seek Him,
that we get awareness of his power and glory
which can be at work in all of us,
that we fear Him,
and that we abandon
our human and selfish ambitions
of earthly comfort,
and we proceed in total surrender
and abandonment of our whole lives
to serve Him, to Love Him
and Love others as Jesus Loves us...

These days is becoming normal
that the "love" of parents
to their children
is expressed by the material things they offer
and the financial sacrifices
they take to give to their children
what they desire...
But is this Love?!!!
Correcting a child for doing something wrong
is condemned,
(I'm not saying the ways used for correcting are all good)
and parents are seen as "bad"
if they correct their children,
but God tells us :
"Endure hardship as discipline;
God is treating you as His children...
Our parents disciplined us for a little while
as they thought best;
but God disciplines us for our good,
that we may share in His Holiness." (Hebrews 12:7-10)
Even Jesus "learned obedience from what he suffered" (Hebrews 5:8)
Many desire just the blessings of God,
but they are not willing to be disciplined,
corrected or transformed...
They want to be the way they are,
run their lives the way they want,
and when in need,
they almost demand God
to come and rescue them...
If we're going through a little suffering
we're not willing to handle it,
we're not willing to mature
and we can even become a bitter person...
What miracle do we want God
to perform?!!
To heal our physical sickness
or to heal our wounds and souls
and transform our character?!!
Do we want God to multiply fish and bread
or do we want to put His Kingdom first
trusting that our basic needs will be met?!!
Do we want God to give us what we want
when we ask,
or do we want Him to build up our faith
and teach us to trust in Him,
waiting patiently for Him
to give us what we really need
on the right time?!!
We ask for patience and endurance,
but we're not willing to wait,
we ask for faith,
but we want to see first in order to believe,
we ask for provision,
but we're not willing to trust,
we ask for deliverance,
but we're not willing to surrender and let go,
we ask for life,
but we're not willing to die,
we ask to receive,
but we're not willing to give,
we ask ,
and ask...
but we're not willing to listen...
we want to see God,
not as He is,
but as we want Him to be...

I could go on and on with this,
but my question remains:
Are we looking for God
for His miracles and blessings,
or are we really willing to obey His teachings
and be transformed by His Spirit
in order that we become
"the miracle" and "the blessing"
which will give glory to God in this world ?!!!


Nuno said...

Brutal Baba! Tocaste na ferida!
Abra├žo Grande!

lisa said...

oh baba, i would so love to be where you are when you begin to talk about what God is teaching you. you are a good teacher. i miss being taught by what is going on with you.

Whitney said...

I miss talking with you at your table or in the living room. That was such a nice time =)
I can't wait to come back there at some point and see how much the land has changed!
I hope you're doing well.

Emmanuel said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Profound stuff! Will get around to sending photos one of these days sorry that it's taking time. Love from Sweden, Emmanuel!