23 May 2008

wAnNa bUy a niCe vAn?

Josh, Rosie and Bella (their sweet little dog) are on the move to the land... I met them at the rainbow gathering in the south (the couple I mentioned who shared the permaculture workshop), and they came by few days ago to check the land... they loved it, and wanna come to stay :-) ... we love them too, they are wonderful people, good hearts, servants and lots of knowledge to put in practice... I was longing for people like them since I came here...
as they wanna settle and develop permaculture self sustainable farming here, they thought they wouldn't need a van anymore :-)...so here goes the details:

Ldv High Top, year 2000, UK registration, Camper, 1 year cook burner, double bed, lots of storage, roof bars, good working order...
just need some spraying in few dots, but besides that it's totally fine.

They are asking 3000 Euros, but willing to other offers.

If you are interested put a comment on the blog and I let them know.


judith said...

does the van run on petrol or diesel? and how much consumption?
i am definitely interested, but have to find out about how it works if its an english car and registration and so on, so i will know it on monday.

Aristidis "Keule" Antoniadis said...

Hi Baba - I just want to say Hi!
And beautiful Pictures !
Just say to everybody who knows me a big Hello und Hug !
Christus is inside in everyone of us!
I´m so happy!
Hope to see you again one time
Big Hugs from Germany and connecting in Prayer, Aristidis