11 June 2008


I know I've been really rubbish in what comes to write on the blog...but I've been a bit more busy with thoughts, people, prayer and practical work...sorry for that...
I came to Porto for my nephew's 1 year birthday and had to wait few more days to repair my car...so, I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow I'll be heading with Ton to the rainbow gathering in Spain...so, most probably I'll only be in touch in the end of the month...
Anyway, I'll just leave you with a recent thought on happiness...hope you enjoy...leave your comments...

Am I happy?!
Would I be arrogant if I say yes?!
Would I be lying?!
I feel happy,
Even though I don’t think happiness is a feeling…
I can feel miserable at times
Or dissatisfied,
But I can still say “I’m happy”.
It’s about who I am
Not about how I am…
“Happy are the poor…”
“Happy are those who mourn…”
“Happy are the broken…”
“Happy are those who are persecuted…”
“For they will be called children of God.” (Jesus)
Happiness doesn’t depend on circumstances
Nor states of our spirits…
Happiness is found
In who we are.
My happiness relies in a simple truth:
I am a child of God
And I am loved.
This will never change
And this can never be shaken,
Because God is the very foundation of it all…
Happiness is.
I’m happy because God tells me so.
If my happiness would rely on things or people
Than I could become unhappy,
Because things are now
But in a moment they are no more…
As people are now
And in a moment they are no more…
Just like a breath…
It’s when we loose the simplicity
And innocence of being a child
That we start feeling unhappy…
Because we start thinking and rationalizing
That our happiness depends
On the things we see around us
Or experience in our lives…
Thoughts like “I’m not happy”
Only come to our minds
When we stop being children…
Then we start looking for happiness
In all sorts of things
To try to fill that gap in our souls…
We try many things,
We study,
We search for relationships,
We seek a career,
We try many religions or spiritualities,
We accumulate money and possessions,
We try to empty ourselves and meditate,
We try to “do good deeds” to clean our karma,
But nothing brings back
Our happiness…
Until the moment
When we realise
We need to be born again
And become a child again…
Remaining in this state
Is what brings happiness back…
“when I was just a little child,
happiness was there a while,
then from me it slipped one day,
happiness come back I say…
cuz if you don’t come I got to go looking
for happiness…” (Bob Marley)

So , we are to be a child again,
That’s where happiness is found.


tomm said...

hi Barabra!
perhaps you can remember me - we once met on the willow freak years ago - i´m from austria and I´m a friend of Juran - i also slept in the same waggon.....
so why i´m writing? Because i could not reach Juran at all - i wrote him 3 weeks ago but no command - I wrote him that i booked a flight in July to porto and that i want to visit you - i just want to know if i´m welcome and one of you guys are around!? I will arrive on the 14th July and leave on the 25th July - so please write me an email if you arround (jesusfreak@drei.at)
be filled with grace and love
yours tomm

Whitney said...

Baba, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I love what you wrote on happiness!
I always like hearing your opinion on things =)
Hope you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

To be child of God simply to realisation in consciousness that word God spoke to moses: "I AM"
It´s timeless and without room, its endless the "I AM"
We cannot realisate this with intellecit because intellect is part of time and room. God is not something in time or room, because in truth time and room does not exist. It´s the Life, the Love ; Wisdom , Light, Christus, the Son of God, the Word of God itself with we found deep in our heart, inside! Happines and Heaven are the same, we find it not outside in the world but inside."I AM"
This may be is to be born again!

Dear Baba, I think of visiting u in Begin of July, can you send me an email again because I want to knwo the station and the name of village, I like to take a train.
thank you,

God with u, Aristidis


Béné said...

Hi Barbara, i just came to have a look at your blog and realise what a wrok it is to maintain it updated. This is a good thing to keep track of you. I found very interesting the text on happiness"it is not about how we are but who we are". A hug from France, i still remmeber you there in Agarve 8 years ago...! Béné Bard