30 September 2011

LoVe cELeBrAtiOn VidEo

check here for a youtube video...
If it´s restricted in your country, click here instead... for some reason, one of the songs I used has copyrights and is not possible to open in certain countries, like germany... odd...
when I find time I´ll post some more :-)
we´re just now packing the van to start the road trip back to the Mount of Oaks...through Scotland, England, North of Spain till Santiago and north of Portugal...



LondonHeather said...

Congratulations to you both! Steve and I just watched the video - it looked like a wonderful celebration, and I have to confess that I cried some happy tears - you both looked beautiful! All the best to you both on your way back to the Mount of Oaks, and of course, your future together. Heather x

asp said...

Parabéns e felicidades para as duas. Que o calor do amor, sempre vos acompanhe. Bom regresso, com Paz e Amor, deseja-vos o vosso vizinho, do Monte dos Bilros, para não se confundir com o vosso Mount of Oaks-Oaks Mount. Não se esqueçam de plantar carvalhos irlandeses. Estive em Berlim, trouxe imensas bolotas de carvalhos americanos, já plantei e estou esperando que germinem. Se germinarem, como espero, partilharei convosco, se quiserem.

tom said...

All the best from Germoney to you. unfortunetly i cant watch this movie here, because of the musiccontent :-(
maybe in a few weeks in portugal. like to come back to the land and to help you with the oliveharvest. i´ve written an email to your whitestonemailadress.
see you soon,