25 December 2012

Christmas Meditation ...

by Richard Rohr
"The rifts and chasms between good people today sometimes seem impossible to bridge. Let’s just name a few obvious ones: male versus female, rich versus poor, liberal versus conservative, Christian versus non-Christian, “Pro-Choice” versus “Pro-Life,” the overdeveloped world versus the underdeveloped world, renew-from-within versus change-from-without, straights versus gays, hierarchy versus laity, whites versus people of color—and every shade of every issue in between.
 We are all crowded on one limited planet and must somehow learn to live together while also maintaining the common earth beneath our six billion pairs of feet. Sometimes I wonder if it is going to be this very common earth that we all stand on and eat from that will be the only thing that will be able to bring us together...

 The mystery of the Incarnation (That we supposedly celebrate today) is precisely the repositioning of God in the material world once and forever. 
Continual top-down religion often creates very passive, and even passive-dependent and passive-aggressive Christians. I know this as a Catholic priest for over 40 years. Bottom-up, or incarnational religion, offers a God we can experience for ourselves. 

We have nothing to fight or prove, just something to know for ourselves. 

This is what we are about to celebrate at Christmas."


Edna Matos said...

Loved the message..and Loved to read your words again here ;-) Amo-te Muito e Muito <3

Baba said...

sim, vamos ver agora que temos um painel solar se me dedico mais a escrever :-)... Também te amo muito. abraço. PAZ