21 December 2005

ThE FirE iS hErE!!!

I was this Monday at a prayer meeting of young people in Porto (in the north). Some time ago they had 200 young people together praying for Portugal …I was really encouraged by what they´re doing…I shared with them about the 24-7 prayer rooms and about the Prayer Campaign in April…I challenged them to set an experiment room of 2 or 3 days before April and they seam to be interested…they are from different denominations and not only from Porto but also other districts around…and they are praying that God will join more denominations and more people from other districts…it´s so cool…they call themselves “Aliança” (Alliance)… they are having wisdom with the pastors as well, they are not in a rebel attitude, but they recognize the changes that need to take place …besides the Monday meetings, they also have every once in a while a meeting called “The fire is here” and that´s where they had 200 young people…they try to invite different people to preach and last time they had a pastor from a gipsy church with prophetic gift and it was powerful… of course some pastors didn´t like and even said some things were heretic… from all the 4 big gathering they had, there´s always some pastors saying they don´t agree with this or that, but then they just accept their opinion and thank them for telling them, but still, they allow God to be the judge in their hearts…I felt a lot of potential there…the only thing was that most of them were Brazilians and Peruvians, not so many Portuguese, but on the bigger gatherings there´s more Portuguese I think…
Wow, I´m happy and hopeful …
I believe the youth will break a lot of the things that divide the Body of Christ in Portugal…Pray for that !!!
Oh well, if this is God´s, who will stop it :-)

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márcia luz said...

É bom saber k o pessoal do Norte está "on fire". Quando Deus trabalha não há nada que possa detê-Lo!
Viva o Porto "carago"!