22 April 2006

aMazInG cReAtiOn !!!

I was given some flower bulbs (I hope that's the word) to plant when I was in UK, by a lovely friend Hanna, and I only put them on the ground maybe a bit more then 3 weeks ago...I 've been observing them and I'm amazed with the speed of its growth...
In less then 2 weeks after I plant them, the little sprouts were already coming out of the ground... I was amazed and really excited !!!
God even spoke to me about Faith and Hope... to expect what is not yet seen... specially this time, during this National Prayer Campaign when I'm not really feeling or seeing the results I was expecting...well, I was not expecting to cover the whole month with 24h prayer already (sorry God for my lack of faith :-/ )... but I was at least expecting more excitement and feed back from the ones with whom I shared with... I've been feeling that this year is just a seed we're planting !!!
And there's something that amazes me about seeds... they have the full potential in it to become all that they were created to be... Amazing !!! Just like God created us, with a lot of potential and ways to be, but not always we live out that full potential...
when I looked at these flower seeds, I was just seeing 3 little onions (that's how they looked like)... But those were just the seeds, I couldn't see like God was seeing them... a whole field covered with beautiful flowers :-)

Well, I'm drifting now :-) ...but going back to my flowers...Two nights ago I decided to take a picture to send to Hanna and I measured how much they grew in one week... 12 cm, wow !!!

And even more amazing, next morning I went to see them and they were taller already... 15 cm ...
from night to day !!!
Today I just measured again, they are with 18 cm now...

How amazing is that !!!
So, I hope you are as excited as me, 'coz I'm gonna keep you updated on that :-) (sorry if you don't get excited with this things!!!)
And the best is that I don't even know how they will look like... Hanna just told they were "sword lilies", but I have no idea how will that look like as well :-) ... I like the name though !!!
Ok, Enjoy life... enjoy God's wonderful creation and worship Him, The Artist of Artists !!!

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lovesick vagrant said...

Hey - I don't know how i ended up on your blog - but i saw a post titled "my tatoo" and i love your work.. its beautiful. Lately I have been brainstorming my next tat, im leaning towards an apple haha