07 April 2006

RuA dA pAz...

Ok, I was just importing some pictures from my camera and just thought about sharing with you guys a bit of my life here at Rua da Paz in Lisbon...
It has been a real blessing to be able to host so many people...some have stayed with a room for themselves, but most of them have been packed in my living room :-)
I feel really blessed to have this privilege to offer others a shelter, when I'm most of the times the one who needs one when I'm travelling arround :-)
So, here goes...I think it doesn't need subtitles :-)


jenelle said...

oh baba! I love your pictures and I love you! I remember that day we took the bus to Porto and feasted on coffees and those sandwiches.


frodo said...

hello this is frede from berlin.
how awesome to see welknown faces. thank you so much for the pics you sended me. there is some profetic atmo in the aire. greetings and love ! we are members of a kingdom of mercy and glory !
AAAND : easter present:
on the webside you can download our worshipalbum - for free