19 May 2006

cOoL pIcTuReS...

I just found this pictures a friend of mine sent me some time ago...
And I thought it would be fun to share with you :-)

This was a funny peacock !!!!

Whoever have anything to say against animals must have real serious problems :-)

And this is me and my lovely friend Sharon who sent me the pictures... this was last year in York (UK) around April...
brrrrrrrrrr, bit cold !!!


Heather said...

My family and love these pictures! Beautiful!

I was curious if you have any suggestions on 24/7 prayer and getting prepared for something like that. We are currently taking baby steps towards this by doing a full 24 hour session once to four times a month, and would love any ideas. We have a ton, but there's never too many.

I must say I really enjoy reading your blog. Its always uplifting to read and encouraging as well.

Baba said...

What kind of suggestions?...it seams you are already used to it !!! Great !!! it's nice to start with small steps and let people get thirsty for more :-) that's how it goes, like a virus... And if you think of it, if you are at least 24 people that would like to pray 1 hour a day, you can easily make a week of 24h prayer... but it's just a matter of building up the momentum..it's important that people grasp the idea first... it's amazing when people are willing to wake up in the middle of the night to cover their hour with God :-)
Once people experience they would want more...simply because God's presence is contagious :-)

Ok, thanks for the compliment on the blog...sometimes I think it's a bit boring coz I write too long post and not so often as most of blogers do...but well, it's nice that people enjoy reading :-)

Be blessed Heather...you and your family !

Sharon said...

Querida Baba!!
...so nice to see these again..
Que Saudades!love you, miss you xx
So glad to finally discover how to do this! Tonight I went on the Lisboa Matrix blog,and loved their Psalm 23 re-writes..so beautiful!
da' Sharon