22 May 2006

a pRoPhEt oR a lUnAtIc...for me, A TRUE MAN OF FAITH OF THIS DAYS...

"Bono the preacher man on his mission to Africa" is the head title of an article in this link below

I particularly liked this part when he speaks in a fashion show in Lesotho :
"...I'm an artist not a politician. But I prophesy that what was once impossible is possible. I prophesy that I will probably drink one too many red wines this evening. I'm sure, maybe, some people might dance on the tables."
( I just love the way Bono speaks about serious things with a cheeky sense of humor... )
He goes on...
" I prophesy that a day is coming when there will be no HIV.
I prophesy that this jewel of a kingdom is soon to become a giant.
Colin Powell once said that the greatest weapon of mass destruction is a virus called HIV. But no weapon of mass destruction could break the spirit I feel in this room. God is in the house, I feel.
A spotlight plays on his face, silhouetted, surrounded by the smoke from the fashion show. The crowd cheer, clap, ululate. Bono is a preacher. That's the difference. People shout: 'Bono, sing, Bono, sing.' He could do 'Forty' now and have them eating out of his hands. But he doesn't.
Later, outside over a glass of wine I ask him what was going on in there. 'The future,' he says. 'Didn't you feel it?' "

Is this a man of faith or what ?! Certainly a man of vision...

Click in the title of this blog to know more about Bono's trip to Africa...
Also check how good preacher Bono is in this ONE PODCAST at the Congressional Prayer Breakfast :-) at :
He quotes Jesus' first words in public when He read Isaiah in the synagogue, and Bono says that Jesus is actually speaking about a year of GRACE, which he believes we're still living in...and he goes on saying :
"... that same thought, GRACE, is now incarnated in a movement of all kinds of people, and it wasn't a "bless me" club...
this religious guys were willing to get out on the streets, get their boots dirty...follow their convictions with actions... making it really hard for people like me to keep our distance... I almost started to like this church people... (laughs)
the church was slow but the church got busy...Love was on the move...Mercy was on the move...
when churches started demonstrating on dept, governments listened and acted...

And he ends up quoting a friend who once told him:
Wow !!! no comments on that...

Well, this is challenging for me... I wanna be an instrument of change...and get involved in what God is doing...
let us be part of this movement, let us follow our convictions with actions...

This last sunday, the 21st also happened the "WALK FOR HUNGER" when in 118 different countries, in 420 different locations, around 760,000 people Walked against hunger!
In Lisbon we were around 800 people who whether walked 10 kilometers, or run 5 Kilometers... with this we hopefully made aware of the world's policy-makers and governments that they must do something about the hunger that affects 300 million children in this world, focusing more funds and resources on feeding children. These people have the power to improve the lives of children all around the globe. And we have the "voice" to shout in behalf of the poor and needy...

"Speak up for the people who have no voice,
for the rights of all the down-and-outers.
Speak out for justice!
Stand up for the poor and destitute!"
Proverbs 31:8,9

I paint myself a T-shirt with that verse to "Walk for hunger"
And I painted one for a friend who walked with me with Psalm 9:18

"The poor and the homeless
won't always be forgotten
and without hope."

check for more at :

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