18 August 2006

wE sPeNt 4 dAyS iN HeLl…aNd iT wAs nOt bAd ☺!!!

“Gehenna” (or “geHinnom”) is the name you might find in the Scriptures for "Hell" and it’s basically a place in front of the walls of the old city (this days) where they use to offer Human sacrifices to Baal…not so good !!! they called that place “Hell”, and we just found out that’s the place where we slept for 4 nights ☺ Ups !!!
well, we are to redeem all places , right ?!!

But it was not bad at all… well, the first night we had a visit of a donkey, but he did nothing besides eating some grass around us…then we moved to another part of the park the second night, but it was not a good idea to stay in the nice grass coz it got reeeealy humid in the night…we basically woke up with our sleeping bags totally wet on top… the last 2 nights we found a nice place and we also got to know the “guardians” of that park… 3 Arab guys, Taufik, Julian and other (forgot his name)… they are the ones who own the donkey and they said if we get any problems we just need to shout their names ☺… But we were ok, we felt no danger in “Hell” ☺

Actually, besides not having a place to keep our bags during the day, we are even better than in the Hostel (not saying that the Hostel is bad)…we have in the park a spring with nice water (what is not easy to find in taps around here), a nice shade from a fig tree in the soft grass, and ripe figs ☺

The first day we thought we were a bit isolated, but then Pale came with a whole group of our friends from “Petra”…so funny… One of the girls, was baptized on that day (the same day the fire ceased in Lebanon) and they all came to celebrate and have communion… Great !!! We were feeling at home…and we were being church in “hell” ☺ ( sorry for making jokes with the name, but can’t help it ☺ Hope you don’t mind )

Now we are back in “Petra hostel”…it was really nice to have a good and fresh shower ☺… days are hot here !!!
I’m already missing our park …here is also harder to get time alone… there’s always someone coming to chat or we often hear Bible discussions everywhere (it’s kinda hard to avoid and I’m getting a bit tired of it as well )
But yesterday was nice to pray with an Arab guy who has been coming here to hear more about Jesus and get prayer to quit drugs… he used to come here before to sell drugs…so I guess something is changing already ☺

We’re now waiting for Emma who is coming from Amman and the convoy who might be crossing Syria now…
We’re so looking forward to finally get together…
The waiting time is bringing “momentum”…

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Rebecca said...

Hey heroes!!
Say hello to the guy at reception of Petra. We've been staying there when we were in Jerusalem as well. There's a really nice little cafe/bar in the new city. They have vegi soups and shakshouka and live music. Feels like a Freak place. Can't remeber the name though... Walk towards the Ben Yehuda and turn left in fromt of the place with all the palm trees. Not a very accurate description I am afraid...
Love, Rebecca***