05 October 2006

jEwIsH nEw yEaR & rAmAdAn

After leaving Emma in Tel Aviv I went to Jerusalem to spend some time with Al, Tina (rainbow pop and mom ☺ ) and Frede (J.F. Berlin)… Al and Tina rented an apartment in the city and invited me to stay with them… It was such a blessing for me… Thank you guys !!!
It was the perfect place, on the perfect time, with the perfect people :-)
I just had place and time to rest and be with God alone, update my writings and spend good times listening and speaking with them…
That weekend was also the JEWISH NEW YEAR , but I didn’t even want to go anywhere… anyway, they were always coming back saying there was not much going on in the city… I think the jewish are pretty reserved in their own traditions... so so inclusive in my opinion

On Monday I went to the land of the “Tent of Nations” but a bit late, almost 7pm…I was going to get my bus at Damascus gate (Muslim Quarter), when I realized it was too quiet for its normal “activity”… Then I remembered that the RAMADAN SEASON had started for the Muslims… and that means that after 5pm, we can hardly see anyone in the streets because they all “run” home to eat as much as they can… They spend the day without eating or drinking till the sun sets… because of that there were not many buses going to Beit Jala so I had to wait more then one hour in the bus station at Damascus Gate, and then I had to get a taxi on the last stop to get close to the land and pay a bit more then usual… I arrived after 9.30pm at the Tent of Nations and the gate was closed… I shouted and shouted but no one answered, so I had to kinda snick in through the gate ☺ … It was nice to be back and see Daher, Ulli and Chris again… they didn’t hear me because of the generator ☺
In the middle of the night I woke up with the rain droping… One more time the rain made me feel joyful ☺
and I felt thankful as I know that land needs so much rain ☺ …

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