07 December 2006

mOrE sToRmS...mOrE bLeSsInGs !!!

here I am again in the internet place... I came to town for more shopping for construction and I'm using this time to post the last news...
We had a terrible storm on tuesday... Thank God it was in the middle of the day and not during the night...
I tryed to save the "girls castle", and I hope now it will not fly :-)
the plastic I had put on top is gonne...the strong wind just blew it all... even our roof was almost flying !!! I'm not exagerating !!!

I was really annoyed with the weather and wondering why I couldn't calm down the winds like Jesus :-/ ...we all tryed believe me !!!
I was trying to hold the tent to the trees around, opening canals all around it for the water to flow, and all this under a terrible rain and wind storm... I'm really glad I bought some wet suits for everyone just the day before... still I got wet in my back and now I'm with a bit of a cold...
another tent we had with our tools and Yve's generator also collapsed !!!
I don't know how long it lasted..maybe one hour !!! But suddenly it stoped !!! after a while I wondered if the prayers did work :-)

we could only look at the damages now !!! a strong yellow light came all over, I never saw anything like that !!! Soooo beautiful !!!

The sun was setting and we were all exhausted and a bit discouraged... no fire to warm up... Micha's sleeping bag all wet... the kitchen cramped with all our stuff... I was wet and getting cold... and to finish, the gas was running out ... Thank God it was enough to finish the soup for dinner !!!

I went to bed annoyed and complaining to God that this things were not ok... I really wanted a good day of sun so we could work... we just needed a warm cozy place for all to stay.... and having our tents safe :-)
I felt God would give us sun the next day... and He did :-) !!!

The chimney makers ... Jo and Mark !!! out of trash metal bins :-)

Edi finishing the work Miri started...the nice window !!!

And she made really cool cupboards for the kitchen !!!

check out our nice radio !!! hand size :-) how much better it is to live with music :-)

I mostly organized the kitchen and cooked :-) !!! We need some good food while we work :-)
Now we can relax more... and play some games like Micha and Peter here :-)

Oh, I was so glad and joyful in the end of the day... I just wanted to give thanks to God... He's really faithful !!! and really good !!!
we could see the black clouds trying to come all day, but not above us :-) we did have sun , and it felt so good !!!
we had a nice breakfast in the morning and every body worked all day !!!
Now we have a wonderful fire place... the kitchen is more organized... Juran and Simone got us gas...
Fiiiu...it feels so much better now !!!


lisa said...

beautiful photos! may god bless you with warm, dry places and rich fellowship in every circumstance. joy to all of you!

Anonymous said...


Paula Farmer here. We would like to come December 18th and spend the night. I need to buy some time for my phone today but then I will get your number from Marty and call about the details.


rivertribemike said...

I love a beautiful storm..and the sun after is breath-taking. Thanks for all the great photos baba.