30 May 2007

gOt cOmPaNy 4 fEw dAyS...

And what a company!!! My special little brothers and sister...Jesse Borden (Lisa 's oldests son), Dane, Christian and Carlie...
They are so great and so fun !!! We've been among many things (like helping me watering the plants ) having lots of fun observing all sorts of animals, climbing trees, and now they are determined to dig the old canal that used to fill our swiming pool !!!
Huuuurray !!! Hopefully we can go for a swim tomorrow already... But here are some the pictures...
They will still stay till friday :-)

Chris cleaning a bit the pond...well, and playing with the frogs :-)

Picking cherries...they're getting good !!!

Jesse always needs to be wild...he just can't help it...his African nature !!! :-) don't worry, he didn't eat it..nor harm it !!! The frog is safe !!!

And we found in the pool a smaller turtle to join the one in the big pond... I was already wondering how I could get a friend to the one in the big pond :-) So cool !!! I hope they get along ...

They also climbed the trees... they can't help it !!! :-)

Cool Picture ha !!!

Yep, they were high !!!

Aren't they sweet ?!!!

And silly too !!! Daaane !!

Jesse got me !!!

Check out this nice cherries...and the beautiful flowers that Carlie arranged!!! and Dane , still silly !!! :-) I love him !!!

fresh mint tea !!!

Carlie making some handicraft out of oak seeds!!!

Digging the canal for the water to go to our pool !!! Yey !!! soon we'll be swiming!!! Hopefully !!! :-) This guys are great !!! This will improve the summer here :-) For sure !!!

And resting as well !!!

O.K, gotta go... we're all hungry now !!!
Maybe next week I'll come for more updating !!!!


lisa said...

Wow! How fun to see everyone at your place. And how fun to think they are all going to be at our place in Tanzania soon. We are just one community that is spread between Europe and Africa, with a few strays in the States as well. Too bad you won't be coming with them this time :-(

Joel de Castro said...

oi baba !

Estou feliz por ver que as coisas por ai estao a ir bem ...

espero em breve poder ir fazer uma visita ;)

for├ža e tudo de bom !!

Joel (blue mind)

Rachel said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun, and that you all are still your same old selves. Hilarious. How I miss my matrix family. : )

PS. What is Chris wearing on his head in that on photo?

Jesse said...

baba...it was tons of fun!
love you!

Jenelle said...

I can't wait to come over to play, too! I loved these pictures. They make me so happy.

lisa said...

Oh Baba! I think the best gift I've received recently is the jar of olive oil (pressed from olives harvested off your land!) that Jesse brought me. Thank you! As we pursue community and settling a piece of land together here, we will save your oil for special pusposes and not just make it into salad dressing :-)