03 June 2007

fUn wAs nOt oVeR ... :-)

Yep, fun was definitely not over... I'm just gonna put some more pictures with sub-tittles...They're a bunch, but they are worth it !!!
Enjoy !!!
This is Dane, of course... and yes, that's a snake!!! alive !!!

Jesse making a banch for our table outside... O.K, it's not as Byron (his father) would agree...but hey, it's perfect !!!

They were really determined to dig the whole canal to fill the pool... and they did it...even under rain !!! It added some more fun for them I guess... I confess that I was at the house during the heavy rain... but it was warm anyway...it was a bit like Africa !!! Jesse was saying that all the time :-) !!!

The snake made some company while they were working, and then they let it go !!! Good boys :-)
Here they were facing a lizzard with the snake...and you know what?! The lizzard bit the snake...Tsss !!!

Jesse was knitting one of his dreads on one of mine...then we did the same to him...
Yes, WE ARE BROTHER and SISTER !!! And we love each other so much :-)

The Uhlers missing the waves to surf..so they were trying on bins :-)

Then we had a nice time worshiping God and praying while painting the bins for water...we had fun as well :-)... Who thinks praying is boring ?!!!

And we also had a nice time praying till late in the night around the fire... :-)

It was so much easier to water the garden with all of them :-) They did a lot while they were here...And they specially brought a lot of joy ...Thanks guys !!!

Next day I went to take them to the train station...we decided to explore a bit and go to the river Tagus, in Vila Velha de Rodao, near Castelo Branco...sooo cool !!!

making little sailing ships...

One more hug and picture :-) before Jesse goes to meet his family in Tanzania...Oh I wish to go soon !!!

Waiting for the train...

Mishu went as well, coz I was going for the weekend to a "freak" wedding party and wouldn't leave her alone... she behaved, dispite the car trip that she doesn't seam to enjoy so much... I wonder what she thinks :-)

O.K, gotta go now to catch my train...I will go to Porto on wednesday to see my new nephews :-) Yipppyyy !!! Yes, Nelson and Joshua were born on the 7th of June... good and healthy :-) natural birth...I'm really proud of my sister :-) And really thankful to God !!!
I'll post pictures when I go there :-)

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lisa said...

I was just looking at these same photos on Jesse's comp. this morning. I really like the way those barrels turned out! So cool!