04 December 2007

rAndOm tHoUgHt iN tHe miDdLe oF ThE NiGhT...

for many years
I was trying to destroy
many boxes I was put in...
by people,
by society,
by culture,
by religion,
by myself...
in the end,
it was just me
and I felt free...
I end up in a wide open space
and God was there
all over
and inside me...


lisa said...

i like your middle of the night thoughts :-)

Aristidis "Keule" Antoniadis said...


matew said...

Nice thought! Interestingly, I thought something alike on Wedneday:

I eagerly expect the day when I will finally have arrived
... out of spiritual mist
... out of religious bias
... out of fundamentalism
... out of not knowing enough
... out of unsure hopes ...
at the concrete knowledge and experience of the real oh-so-real God. That will be awesome. The day when nothing whatsoever will destroy that relaxedness of having arrived, of being there where I should be and stay, where nothing remains to do.

Blesses, sister!

luzinha said...

i wanna be free too!!!

julita said...

Everything I've reaten alredy was gone ...

There's Julita from Poland.

It's so good to see how 're you doing...

You can't imagine how often you're on my mind
God - throught you influented my live a lot.

I think now I better understand who you are,
Jesus is leading me to africa,
sooner or later, better sooner, :)
I wii be there.
I pray to be free - to love, love more.
Pray for me sometimes.
with love
and bless

julita said...

Hi ! Baśka !


You can't imagine how often you come to my mind,
I think now -- I understand more of who you are:) (I guess we could be friends :)) you - God by you, influanced my live so much, I pray to be so free - free to love dipper, love to see. I'm about to go to Africa, soon - Jesus showed me my land and my people

bless u , and please , pray for me sometimes

Julita from Wrocław

Baba said...

hey Matew...maybe you see this note as I Can't post in your blog...I don't have your e.mail...
I don't know if you crossed with any of the JF in Koln who are coming down to Portugal to the ount of Oaks... if you do maybe you consider to join them and get your excuse to come down here :-)


matew said...

Hi Baba, so much thanks for that nice invitation!! I'd really like to get to know you and the other people in the community in person.

Perhaps you could e-mail me some contact details about the Cologne JF people? I put my e-mail address now in my blogger.com profile (i.e. click on "matew").

Couldn't find out your e-mail either ... sorry.

hope 2 cu some time!

zarah said...