08 February 2007

mOrE guests...aNd 1 mOrE gOod-bYe...

two girls from came from Germany for a week, Judith and Christy... I didn't know them before, they are nice and they have been helping us also in what they can...It has been raining since yesterday, but I hope tomorrow we'll have the sun back again...It's not fun just to stay in the house :-/

And Eddie left today...well, we never know about Eddie, I might find him when I go back now :-)
Eddie is a zimmerman, like many in Germany...this is a cool tradition of craftmen, like carpenters and others...they learn for 2 or 3 years, and then they need to travel for 3 years and practice whith other carpenters or helping in places like he came to help here... they have some interesting rules, like they have to wear this traditional cloths, they only have one for working and one for going out, they have to pack all theirs things in a traditional way, and only carry what they can in their bodies, they cannot take public transports or pay for it, unless they get offered, they cannot have mobile phones or other technologies...they cannot stay for more then 3 months in the same place, etc...

very interesting things... and they also have to go to the authorities of the places they go, present themselves and get their permission to stay and find work there...
They also have to get the stamp of the cities they go to and so I went with Eddie to the Mayer to do that...
Traditionally they have to say this secret poem which identifies that they are really zimmermans, but here Eddie tryed to translate it because it wouldn't make any sense to say it in german...
So I translated it to portuguese to the Mayer and his wife and daughter were there as well... They got really touched with it and The Mayer wrote in his tarvelling book a very nice message...something like " May you have luck to accomplish such noble mission which is to spread Love"... I was surprised as well... So cool !!! :-)
In the end Eddie also blessed him, as the President of Povoa de Atalaia, and blessed the village and his family as well... It was nice !!!

But well... one more going... I really enjoyed having Eddie around and get to know him better... A real sweet heart !!!
Love you Eddie !!! God bless your journeys !!!!


frede said...

hey baba, i want to tell you this : I really appreshiate youre blog entrys ,you are so faithful in doing that, thank you !

greetings from al and tina florida !

tomorrow, we gonna go in tha woods RAINBOW GATHERING in ocala.
I am looking forward to that !

peter is here to , isnt that amaising ?

how god is rocking in our lives ?

shakalaka !


eddy said...

ja barba , isch libbe disch au,
du bist alban ,
i only fit it to vilar formoso, and am very tired now.
my mind full of impressions of the the last 3 months, uahh,
was very special good,
i like food, food is good