08 February 2007

wOrK iN tHe lAnD ...

Since all the others left to Porto and other places we've been having more time to work in the land... the land needs it at this season :-) and I enjoy it...
Tim still helped to start prunning the Olive trees and now I'm doing the rest...but it will take time...I'm making maybe 3 or 4 a day, so it will take almost one more month to finish... but shantii, shantii :-)
I also have good neighbours who have been giving me tips of how to do things, coz most of them are new for me and they know the land already...
Also my neighbour Idalina use to give us potatoes and onions for us as she has much left from last year
I don't have tractor or machines, so I just prepared a bit of ground next to the smaller dem (as we don't have water running in pipes yet)... It's hard, but fun... Many times I think about Jesus parables about sowing and harvesting... I think it's the hardest work to prepare the fields, specially those who were never planted or are abandoned for long time...But it's so cool to see in the end how it's all nice and ready to plant :-) ... I love it !!!

Look at the garlics, they are growing so fast :-) !!!

Some spices for food too...

In the morning, before breakfast I go to water all the plants and little trees... it's not so easy yet, as we don't have the water in pipes...so , this is the way for now, with buckets, taking the water from the dem :-).. Buut I'm so thankful for the abundance of water of this place...Often I remember the Daher's farm in Palestine, where they collect the water of the rain during the winter in cysterns and then then pump it up and water every tree by hand...hundreds of them... wow...that's hard work !!!

Miri already finished our green house to grow some seeds...She's so good and detailed in all she does :-) we must have the best green house here :-)
now it's the season for most of the seeds to bloom...

Eddie was just finishing details of our first guest room and tool room...it's so nice :-) ... Good work Eddie !!!

BUt we have nice chilled times in the end of the days...like this one that we decided to have all a beuty mask :-) Not to become more beautiful but to remember how beautiful we are :-)
Miri's mom sent this package with all sorts of things, sweets, cheese, etc... and also beauty masks :-)
It was fun, and our skin did felt better... Except Eddie who by mistake put the cream first and not the mask :-)

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